August 2012

One of our life lessons is about trust. Trusting ourselves. Trusting everything will turn out just the way it was meant to. This includes your job, finances, relationships and your experiences. Even though you have been disappointed in the past, there is no reason not to have trust in the present moment. In 2008, when […]Continue reading «Do You Trust Yourself? Do You Trust Your Angels? Do You Trust The Universe?»

  To receive the most out of your medical care with physicians, surgeons, naturopathic medical doctors, and chiropractors, addressing the metaphysical reason of illness and injuries augments your healing process. Everyone can promote their healing with gratitude, happiness and forgiveness. 1.   Gratitude. Counting our blessings, rather than the failures and disappointments in our life places […]Continue reading «3 Ways To Promote Self Healing»

Why Worry?

by Barbara

      When we worry about someone or how a situation will turn out, we are attempting to have control over the outcome. In terms of the Universe, control is something we simply do not have. Trying to control something is wasted energy. Energy that could be well spent focusing on what we do […]Continue reading «Why Worry?»

When I was a child living in Daytona Beach, Florida in the sixties, my family and I experienced hurricanes. I remember the preparations for the impending storm. My mother filled the bathtub with water in case there was a water outage. The windows were secured with two masking tape strips in a criss cross pattern. […]Continue reading «Creating Calmness In Your Life»