November 2012

Letting Go

by Barbara

  When we depend on people, situations and objects for our happiness, we are setting ourselves up for stressing out when these are gone. We lose our happiness and become sad when we are laid off from work, experience a break up with a loved one, or our possessions are destroyed by fire, wind or […]Continue reading «Letting Go»

  During the holiday season of winter, we are given an opportunity to give and receive an expression of our love for one another. This exchange can be for our loved ones and for others we meet on the street. A gift of love can be as simple as a smile and a twinkle in […]Continue reading «A Season of Giving and Receiving»

  I helped a friend lose 65 pounds using a simple program I guided and it goes like this: 1. Ask your angels and guides to help you start this lifestyle change and to stay focused and committed to improving your health and well being. Make an agreement to begin this change as soon as possible. […]Continue reading «Easiest Way To Lose Weight»

  When things don’t work out the way you had hoped for, it could be a gem in disguise. Part of life is the contrast of positives and negatives. Our joys and our sorrows. In the human form, we are meant to experience the whole spectrum of emotions in order to grow spiritually on our […]Continue reading «Transcending Disappointment»

  When we think of loving actions we see them as kind and thoughtful gestures. A kind word of encouragement. A helping hand extended when we fall down on the ground. These acts are easy to identify with love. Do you know that the actions toward us that appear to be unkind and hurtful, are […]Continue reading «Just Another Form of Love»