December 2012

  When we fly in an airplane our angels and guides are with us. Each of us has the ability to call in our angels to help us in our everyday activities. Our angels will respect our free will and not intervene without our permission. They love us and are always waiting and ready to […]Continue reading «How To Fly With Your Angels»

  Special Channeled Message for 12-21-12   Here we are. 2012. 12-12-12. The beginning of beginnings. Love abounds. Within and without. Inner and outer. As above, so below. Heaven on Earth. Our angels and Star Beings share the following message of glad tidings, good will and expanded love: “Dear Ones, we love you very much. […]Continue reading «Stepping Into Our Expanded Spirituality»

  Do you find yourself easily affected by some situation or someone’s remark? Do you blame someone else for your lack of abundance or health, or the relationship of your dreams? Are you procrastinating about taking the steps to fulfill your Divine Life Purpose? Are you focusing on what others think about you, even though […]Continue reading «Staying In Your Power»

  Mother Earth is a living and breathing being that is connected to us. We are being asked to help her through the ascension process she is experiencing at this time. Each of us has the power to promote a positive effect that will calm and stabilize our Mother Earth’s transition. Because the external environment […]Continue reading «How Environmental Awareness Assists Mother Earth’s Ascension»

  We can embrace the loving respect we have for ourselves and others by being one who practices self love. One of our human experiences is an interaction with another person. People present themselves to us in different ways. Some are honest and respectful to us. Others are not as honest, or they disrespect us […]Continue reading «Respecting Ourselves and Others»