January 2013

  There are times we miss an opportunity that is right in front of us. It’s only because we are not seeing or hearing the possibilities that help us to develop our creations. We slip into our drama and forget that help is all around us, in the form of angels and guides. We focus […]Continue reading «Are You Ready For Your Divine Opportunity?»

  Sometimes we have to go to a place outside of our comfort zone to find our trust in the Universe. For me, it was a spiritual journey to Peru in 2004. I had decided not to use credit cards on this trip. I brought what I thought would be enough money to cover the […]Continue reading «Trusting In The Universe: All Your Needs Are Met Above And Beyond Your Expectations»

I’ve been hearing from several people about the intense energies coming into our reality. I also have been feeling it. When I lay down at night to sleep, I see the energy waves pulsating towards me. It feels like we are being cleansed of what no longer serves us as beings of light and love. […]Continue reading «How To Ride The Waves Of Energy In 2013»

  There are messages from our angels and guides that are sent to us continuously. Whether we are open to receiving and recognizing them, depends on our awareness that we are supported beyond our imaginations. Messages come to us in the form of written or spoken language, songs, music, color, dreams, and other forms of […]Continue reading «Bee Aware Of Life Changes»

    Life can give us interesting rides for us to learn our lessons. More so, how we walk through our rides gives us the opportunity to reveal the love we have in our hearts for ourselves and others. In 2004, sitting in the back seat of a taxi traveling from Urubamba to Ollantaytambo, Peru, […]Continue reading «Warning: Speed Bumps Ahead»