February 2013

  How can we continue to shine our light when others around us cry in their pain? Is it possible to maintain a state of “wholiness” and not be affected by the circumstances and less than loving behavior of others? The answer is yes. By choosing our thoughts of peace, harmony, stillness and inner bliss, […]Continue reading «Shining Our Light Allows Us To Help Others In Darkness»

  If we pay attention to our bodies, minds, spirits and emotions, we can steer our path in the direction of our highest and greatest good. Life is about experiencing the tough lessons and the joyful moments. We walk through our day to day activities and interactions with people, learning how to love ourselves and […]Continue reading «Nurturing Ourselves Pays Big Dividends In Our Spiritual Growth»

  We have the opportunity to love one another in every moment of every day. Every interaction, be it positive or negative is an expression of love and the need for love. Those that would tell you statements of judgment are really saying they have a desire for love because at some point in their […]Continue reading «Love Is The Teacher In Our Life Lessons»

King snake

King Snake (docile, curious and gentle)   In the year of the Snake, 2013 may very well give us a sudden event that affects all humanity. Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers occurred in a snake year. A sudden event will require our compassion and forgiveness on a grand scale. And we can do it! […]Continue reading «How To Respond To Sudden Events That Affect Everyone On The Planet»