March 2013

  When I was in Peru on a sacred journey with six other women and a shaman, my life lesson of trust came up several times. One was about having enough money to return home to America. Another lesson in trust was about having enough stamina required for hiking at high altitudes. The life lesson […]Continue reading «Trust: A Powerful Message The Universe Teaches Us»

photo by Dana Hoff, with permission   In Spiritual Tai Chi, I learned from Grandmaster Zaysan, the Buddhist wisdom: “Have no expectations, appreciate everything.” This philosophy promotes our inner peace and strengthens our inner power because we are not attached to objects, people and experiences. We are taught from our parents and teachers to be […]Continue reading «Experience The Ease and Harmony In Life By Living Without Expectations»

  Being authentic and true is a gift in itself. When we are not believing in who we are and what we can accomplish, we short change our mission on the planet. In 2001, I decided to enter a porcelain doll I made, into a national competition event in Pamona, California. I had been taking […]Continue reading «Believe In Yourself: It’s The Most Divine Gift You Can Give To The World»

  I used to look to others and objects in my life for my happiness. I thought I could find it in a new dress or a new pair of shoes. But new dresses and shoes are like new cars driven off the dealership car lot, they lose value instantly and are temporary in that […]Continue reading «Our Happiness Is Inside Of Us»