April 2013

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you thought they would. You may find yourself scratching your head, “Gee whiz, what happened here?” Schedules change, people are interrupted, complications arise. Any number of reasons can affect the outcome of your plans. Are you able to step back for a moment and realize there’s probably a […]Continue reading «When Your Life Doesn’t Go As You Planned»

When I came home from my job at the hospital back in 1998, I just knew I would be leaving bedside nursing and entering the insurance field. I was already a legal nurse consultant with an independent practice. I had faith in myself I could transition my career to a completely different arena. When a […]Continue reading «Faith and Trust: Two Valuable Assets In Our Toolbox Of Life»

  photo by Dana Hoff   It seems that fear of the unknown is what stops a lot of us from trying something new. Whether it’s our jobs or our relationships with friends and family. Even though we are learning that fear of the unknown is just our ignorance of what lies before us, we […]Continue reading «Three Tips On Living In Your Divine Life Purpose And Opening Doors Of Opportunity»

  For my newsletter, the Angels gave us a powerful message this week about walking through our most challenging lessons and what they really mean. Even though some of our experiences are painful and difficult for us, they are meant to strengthen our resolve and help us understand ourselves as creators of our reality and […]Continue reading «Walking Through Our Challenges Strengthens Our Self Love And Expands Our Aura»