May 2013

  Back in 2003, before my shamanic opening ceremony, where my healing gift was revealed, I performed my own shamanic meditations. I didn’t know what issue I would be working on, until my guide had me jump into the Grand Canyon. Shamanic meditations feel very “real”. These types of meditations help a person to remove […]Continue reading «Shamanic Meditations: A Method for Finding Divine Love In Our Experiences»

When we find ourselves in situations that are uncomfortable, we must remember, they don’t last forever. There’s a good reason the situation presents to us. Most likely it’s a lesson for us to learn from. The lesson most likely will be about self love. I’ve been told by clients with back pain, their vertebral bones […]Continue reading «Think Your Life Won’t Change? Think Again.»

hearing angels

    Are you seeking to hear your uplifting angels and guides voices? Are you looking for a closer connection to the Creator Source? Are you wanting to become an angel communicator? Are you preparing yourself for the near future where we will be interacting with objects and technology that are integrated into our communication […]Continue reading «Prepare for Change: How to Communicate with All of Life»

  Life is a dance. We are meant to walk through a variety of experiences to learn and grow. Some dances are fun, others are not. Take the dance of frustration. It never feels good, but there’s a lesson in it, every time it appears in our life. If we can change our perspective in […]Continue reading «Changing Our Perspective: A Simple Way to Handle Frustration In Our Life»

    Do you sometimes or perhaps, all the time, put things off until the last minute? Do you get upset with yourself for not keeping on top of all your tasks? Procrastination in excess can interfere with our plans and dreams. On the other hand, procrastination can provide the catalyst for elevating our energy […]Continue reading «How Can Procrastination Benefit Us?»