June 2013

    Are you seeing butterflies in your life? Are you a butterfly? Butterflies are symbols of change. Through their metamorphosis from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, we see our own life cycle of struggle and change.  The caterpillar stage is where the worm-like body is crawling, much like a child crawling on […]Continue reading «Butterfly Wisdom: Embrace Your Change And Don’t Give Up»

Do you find yourself in relationships and situations where you are arguing, complaining, judging and feeling awful while engaged in this form of negative communication?  Do you want to change your relationships and negative situations? You can. First, you must look at what the relationship is all about. Are you committed in helping each other […]Continue reading «What Our Negative Communications Are Really Saying»

  This week the angels spoke of abundance, our spiritual being and how we create our lessons to learn our Divine state of being, we are spirits having a human experience. Although we think we know what direction we are heading and we have our plans all laid out, our life can change. Two months […]Continue reading «There Is A Divine Plan Behind Your Abundance»

    As we live our life as a creative adventure, our path can change along the way. Changing our relationships and our careers is just part of the journey. My career changed several times since becoming a Registered Nurse. I am now content in my current creation as a channel, healer, author, and psychic […]Continue reading «Choosing Your Career: Follow Your Heart’s Desire And Be Open To Change»