July 2013

Lotus flower

  We are all living a busy life. With responsibilities come activities, and plenty of them. Quiet time in reflection on our daily interactions, helps us to gain insight about our connection and place in the world. We all want to do the right thing. But how can we determine how well we behaved and […]Continue reading «Finding Time To Spend Quiet Time Alone»

If you drive a vehicle, you probably at one time or another, have been in a similar situation as the one I describe below.   Mercury was in Retrograde and there I was, in my vehicle, stopped on the I-10 freeway, on a hot July afternoon in Phoenix, Arizona. A semi-truck filled with produce had […]Continue reading «How To Maintain Positive Thoughts In A Traffic Jam»

Photo courtesy of Peter Nufer 2012 Here we are in the middle of Mercury in Retrograde. This can be a time of emotional turmoil and accidental miscommunications. It can also serve as a time for us to refine our skills in finding and maintaining the balance of our emotions.    It’s not just that we […]Continue reading «How To Remain In The Sweet Spot Of Balance During Emotional Ups And Downs»

Have you had a mystical encounter with a relative that has crossed over? In other words, has your Grandma or Grandpa attempted to contact you after they left the earthly plane? My maternal grandmother has “shown up” several times in my life. There are many ways those on the other side can reveal themselves to […]Continue reading «Grandma Mary: Using Our Extra Senses To Contact Our Loved Ones On The Other Side»