August 2013

Is it possible you are missing an opportunity that is right in front of your face? If you have a feeling in your gut this may be true for you, then it’s time to re-look at your situation. It’s just a matter of making a little adjustment in your perspective. When we stress out, we have […]Continue reading «Faith And Trust: Are You Missing An Opportunity?»

During these challenging and transformative times in our world history, staying positive about your life can be difficult. While the Universe doesn’t give us more than we can handle, we can help ourselves by choosing to have a positive outlook on life. There are many ways to stay positive and I’d like to share five […]Continue reading «5 Tips To Stay Positive About Your Life»

We all came from Spirit or what I call Beyond Beyond. God created us in the stars. We didn’t just come to Earth as humans. We are multidimensional and we are infinite. We came here for many reasons. We came here to learn lessons in love. We come from that place where we are One […]Continue reading «What Is The Purpose Of Our Life?»

Golden Sunset

We are entering the Golden Age. Energy shifts are occurring in people. Now is the time to make the changes in our life that help us to live in our new light bodies with higher frequencies. I would like to share a true story of one woman’s dramatic change from the darkness to the light. […]Continue reading «Changing Ourselves To Live In The Golden Age»

Peru monstery

  If we haven’t already taken one this year, our angels, fairies and guides are recommending we take time to rejuvenate ourselves through a vacation. Vacations can be short and inexpensive, or long and thrifty. If we plan ahead and let our creative juices flow, we can experience our vacation spiritually. I travelled around the […]Continue reading «How To Plan For A Spiritual Vacation»