September 2013

Today, I was recollecting out of all the months of the year, September is an awesome one for me. It was the month I married Hoyt, bought and moved into my first home, transitioned out of corporate jobs, experienced the Big Island of Hawaii, and met Peter, my soul mate, two years after my divorce […]Continue reading «Romance: Finding Your Soul Mate In Unexpected Places»

All of us experience fear and insecurities at times in our lives. These feelings are based on factors outside of our selves, and sometimes our worries come from an unreal or irrational basis. We can succumb to these fears and worries and spend our lives stagnant and stuck in the mud of hopelessness. Or, we […]Continue reading «Bringing Light Into The Darkness: The Full Moon Of Our Intuition»

I am a star being, from a distant planet outside of Earth’s solar system. I incarnated into a female human form, to bring love to the planet, discover who I am and remember my connection to God, and to perform other missions. In 2005, I assisted my friend Joel, who underwent a cardiac catheterization in a […]Continue reading «Reversal Of Death: A Star Being’s Healing Gift»

Our natural state of being is love and peace in the purest energetic form. We incarnate to planet Earth to learn our lessons and balance our karma. It is a journey to the heart, learning Self Love. Our lessons can give us challenging experiences that affect our peace, and we can do something about it. […]Continue reading «Creating Peace In The World: One Soul At A Time»