October 2013

We do need contrast in our life in order to grow. There are positive experiences and negative experiences. All have purpose and are a form of God/Creator Source. We do know as we raise our vibration with positive energies, the negative energies can lower our vibration and diminish our aura. We also know how to […]Continue reading «How to Dispel Negative Energies In Your Home »

Are you seeking to have a better and clearer connection to your Spirit Guides and angels? Is your life so busy there is no time for exercise and self care? It is very important that the human body is exercised for optimum organ function and our state of happiness. When our circulation is stimulated and […]Continue reading «Body Movement, Connection To Spirit And Your Health»

Have you noticed there are a lot of people moving to new locations on the planet? Almost every week another friend is moving to another town. It’s like a party of musical chairs as people are wanting to be in a locale that suits their taste and resonates with their hearts, except everyone finds a […]Continue reading «Creating Your Direction: Be Open To The Possibilities Of Your Dreams»


It’s October, 2013. The US Government is in a partial shutdown, animals are being abused, children are being bullied, the mainstream news media is not reporting the significant events of free energy technologies, the US debt is at $150,000,000,000,000, and on and on… Could our world get worse? Oh yes, it is, and it will. […]Continue reading «Expecting The Worst: How To Turn Your Thoughts 180 Degrees»

Tai Chi

Are you having difficulty staying focused and centered? Are you reacting to recent world and local events, based in fear and worry? Are you feeling a sense that you are not in control and that your life is spinning out of balance?  If you said yes to any or all of these questions, it is […]Continue reading «Ego Messages: How To Tap Into The Lessons of The Ego»