December 2013

When I look at the sumac tree with it’s leaves and stems falling, I’m reminded of my life for the past year and how it’s time to really shed all that has transpired and keep the wisdom born from the lessons learned. The old programs and conditioning that have been revealed over the years, are […]Continue reading «It’s Time To Leave 2013 And The Old Programs Behind»


I grew up Catholic with the tradition of the birth of Jesus celebrated on December 25 of each year. I remember several Christmas holidays spent at my grandparent’s home in upstate New York. For the Christmas dinner, I sat at the children’s table next to the grownup’s dining table, with my two brothers. Our table […]Continue reading «Christmas As A Child»


As I look back, reflecting about my gratitude and the projects I accomplished this past year, I find myself in deeper appreciation for All That Is, and the support I received along the way. I’d like to share with you some of my challenges, changes, and experiences that occurred in 2013: In January, I moved […]Continue reading «2013: A Year Of Change, A Year Of Growth»

As we start the last month of the year, now is a good time to plan our visualization for 2014. Where do we want to live? Is it time to launch our own business? Some are seeking a new relationship. Here are several tips for planning your manifestation of 2014: 1.  December is the time […]Continue reading «Get Ready For 2014 By Visualizing It Now»