January 2014

In this third and last article about life changes, I illustrate a career change that was not expected. I saw it as an opportunity for growth and to take my knowledge and skills to a different level than where I was at the time. In 1986, a dear friend gave me the business card of […]Continue reading «Life Changes: Part III»

In the first article I shared with you about one of my relationships changing dramatically and very quickly. After I left that relationship and walked out the door of a home we built together, in 1986, I was involved in a near fatal automobile accident. On my first date with a man who would become […]Continue reading «Our Life Can Change On A Dime: Part II»

How is your life? Are you happy and content? Could your life be better or different? What if you find yourself in circumstances that are not in alignment with your Soul Path or at least where you truly want to be? Can you change your life? The answer is an affirmative yes! We forget just […]Continue reading «How Our Reality Can Change In An Instant: Part I»

From my Angel Tarot Card Reading clients, I hear a recurring concern about friendships and family relationships changing. For some, the cruel behaviors by family members can be devastating. At least, this is how they are perceiving the non-supportive comments and actions. Statements of, “I don’t understand you. I don’t believe what you are saying […]Continue reading «Relations and Relationships: Lessons On Our Path »

For this week’s blog article and my commitment to reveal more of myself to the world, I decided to ask my Higher Self, White One, who, with me, is/are, a collection of beings from the Great Central Sun, to give us a message for 2014. For those readers who are not familiar with me, or […]Continue reading «White One Speaks: A Message For 2014»