March 2014

Sacred Geometry

What is the dream state? Our dreams are messages that give us information about what we are experiencing when we are awake. For most of us, our dreams our pleasant and make sense. We do have dreams that don’t make sense at first glance. When we meditate on the meaning of our dreams, we can […]Continue reading «Enchanting Dreams: Messages For Us»

Globe Mallow  photo by Barbara Becker In 2006, during a private teleconference with Dr. James Martin Peebles, trance channeled by Summer Bacon of Sedona, Arizona, we discussed my mission and life purpose. He reminded me I have come to Earth and my biggest mission is to bring love to the world. I’m also learning about […]Continue reading «Our School Called Planet Earth»

Being busy in our daily activities, we’re not cognizant how stress is affecting our lives. We wake up in the morning with wonderful and inspirational intentions of creating a day of ease and grace. Then, life’s glitches occur. Email programs are not working, text messages are undelivered, or so it says on our smart phone, […]Continue reading «Honoring Our Quiet Time, Honors Us»

We are told to love our neighbors, as we love ourselves. We all want to be loved. It’s our nature, because we are love. We come from Source, God, who is all loving. Once we start to care about what people think of us, we get concerned they don’t love us. We really don’t have control […]Continue reading «Loving Others Unconditionally»