April 2014

We touched upon the long distance healing that can be transmitted through our phones, E-mail messages, and computer technology, in the previous three articles. In the last article of this series, we will look at long distance healing through the books we touch and read. The information and healing energy in books can be transformative […]Continue reading «Long Distance Healing Part IV: Through Books»

In the first two parts of this series, we looked at long distance healing by phone and by E-mail. In this article, we will see how computer technology can be a device or platform for sending and receiving long distance healing. Back in the early eighties, I took a college course in Pascal computer programming […]Continue reading «Long Distance Healing Part III: By Computer Technology»

  In the first article of this four part series, we looked at long distance healing by phone. This article is about how we can transmit and receive healing through our email messages. For those who receive E-mail messages and are intuitive and have the sense of feeling energies in their bodies and mind, such […]Continue reading «Long Distance Healing Part II: By E-mail»

What a healing session looks like via phone (photo by Peter Nufer) Spirit has asked me to write a 4 part series of articles about long distance healing, because people have questions and concerns about receiving healing by phone, email, computer technology, and through books. This first article will be about how long distance healing […]Continue reading «Long Distance Healing Part I: By Phone»