May 2014


From time to time, I meet people who ask me how they can meet their Guardian Angel. Everyone has been assigned a Guardian Angel when they came to the Earth in human form. The Guardian Angels’ job is to watch over us and allow us to make our mistakes and successes through our choices and […]Continue reading «How To Meet Your Guardian Angel»

Sleeping fairy

It’s very natural to feel immense grief when a family pet leaves this third dimension, due to advanced age, disease or injury. The feelings of not being able to physically pet and feed our furry friends can be over whelming at times. Over the years I’ve been granted the privilege of being the steward of […]Continue reading «Grief and Coping With the Loss of a Pet Family Member»

Tai chi top

Living in this beautiful world, being our authentic selves, means not caring what others think about us. For many of us in Western society, our childhood conditioning through our parents, siblings, teachers, books, radio, movies and television shows and advertisements, gave us a frame of mind not to be comfortable in expressing our unique personalities. […]Continue reading «Not Caring What Others Think About Us: another lesson in Tai Chi»

When you think of the world, do you think it’s a scary place or do you think of it as a good and safe place with infinite potential for love, abundance and wellbeing? Our thoughts create everything. Our thoughts affect everything and everyone. Thoughts are packets of energy that we send out to the Universe. […]Continue reading «What are your thoughts?»

Angel Tarot Cards

  You are invited to sit down with me as we take the terror out of the tarot. Brief History It is felt that tarot dates back to the 15th century, in Europe, probably coming from Egypt. Before this, people received information from oracles, and stones or sticks thrown on the ground or table. Various […]Continue reading «Angel Tarot Card Readings: Taking the terror out of the tarot»