June 2014

Cactus blossom

On our journey in life, we are meant to experience shame and then to transcend it. Some of us make it in this lifetime and others carry it to their grave and then onto the next life. There is shame so toxic, such as the behaviors inflicted upon children in the form of abuse, incest, […]Continue reading «Shame & Humiliation In the Human Experience: Part II»

Pink flowers:butterfly

Back in the mid eighties, I cared for a 33 year-old man in the critical care unit where I worked in Phoenix, AZ. This dear man was a very successful jeweler in an affluent area of Los Angeles, and he was dying of end-stage liver disease caused by years of alcohol ingestion. His abdomen looked […]Continue reading «Shame & Humiliation In The Human Experience: Part I»

Ocean of love

There are amazing beings on our planet, in human form. Some are well known, and others are not. For the one solitary human that has touched our hearts and helped us in one small way, that made all the difference in our life, even for one moment, they are famous to us. It is through […]Continue reading «The Ripple Effect of Kindness: One Drop at a Time»


In this time of technology devices and busy lifestyles of the family, its important to cultivate harmony in our home. Harmony is a simple concept if we choose it to be. My thoughts about family harmony are from my personal experiences, observations I’ve made and from clients who I have guided in their concerns and issues […]Continue reading «Creating Harmony In The Family»