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Special Gift – Chapter 1 of Barbara’s Book
Enclosure:  A Spiritual Autobiography
2014 TISBA Award Finalist
The Indie Spiritual Book Awards

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Written in the language of the heart, Barbara Becker shares her journey of becoming a healer and teacher of love and compassion. In understanding the lessons of forgiveness in herself and others, she learns we are here on Earth to explore the separation from our magnificent Self. Enclosure- A Spiritual Autobiography reveals through our choices and creations, we protect ourselves from knowing who we truly are. Drawing upon courage and strength within herself, Barbara discovers the magic and beauty of her truth and being.



A Spiritual Autobiography
Becker, Barbara
CreateSpace (196 pp.)
$10.95 paperback, $5.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1470048754; November 20, 2012


Becker reflects on the wonders of the spiritual world in her autobiography.

For Becker, traveling the road to spiritual awakening has taken a lifetime. In what the debut author dubs a “spiritual autobiography,” she compiles the moments of her life that helped her become a healer and teacher. This is by no means a typical memoir, if there can be such a thing. Becker does touch on some big moments — her divorce, changing jobs, finding new love — but mundane, everyday life isn’t her concern. It’s her spiritual journey of discovery that she hones in on.

She begins with the moment that catalyzed her awakening: a car crash, which led her, for the first time, to access her higher consciousness. Becker entered a world beyond the normal, logical world most people inhabit to contact her guardian angels, become a reiki master, take up tai chi and become a healer.

Skeptics or those who don’t agree with Becker’s worldview may question her stories and beliefs. Becker’s “spiritual autobiography” is definitely not for doubters. But she does offer amazing anecdotes about the spiritual world that will inspire believers and may lead skeptics to reconsider. Becker undergoes jin shin jyutsu healing, a practice of creating harmony between life energy and the body. After her treatments, Becker is finally free of the harsh allergies that plagued her, as well as the emotional residue of her past. Likewise, Becker tells a story about helping her friend heal from a surgery while also helping her heal from past-life injuries. A trip to Peru allows her to banish her fears and anxieties about money. An enthusiastic New-Age autobiography of one woman’s journey to enlightenment.


Wonderfully well written!
By JAA on April 12, 2017
An Amazing story of one women’s adventurous journey of a portion of her life. I look forward to more books by you, Barbara!
     A beautiful, inspirational read! A great “pick-me-up” for those who wish to move their mind and heart above and beyond where they thought possible. 
on December 30, 2015
Finally, it is starting to all make sense. It is always really neat to see how we may all have different experiences, however we end up with the same types of stories. Thank you.
on October 22, 2015
I admire Barbara for the honest account of her spiritual journey, as it would not be easy for most of us to disclose our intimate selves so publicly.
on May 18, 2015
A very good bock if you want to learn the road to new age healing and associated subjects.
on February 7, 2015
 Barbara Becker not only had the willingness to awaken and answer the call of consciousness, she also had the courage to capture and share her journey with others. I am a grateful reader, very much inspired by her honesty and her evolution through self, to oneness and purpose.
on December 26, 2014
I absolutely loved this book. In reading it, I learned so much about myself and why things happened to me the way they did. Through reading Barbara’s story and applying the lessons she learned into my own life, I have grown and raised my vibration higher than it has ever been. I have had the blessed opportunity to speak with Barbara and have a reading done by her. It is definitely as warm and loving as she is, on her book. I recommend to anyone who is on a spiritual journey and want to understand and grow.
on November 24, 2014

“Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography” reads like a flower, growing from a bud and unfurling into a beautiful blossom. Barbara Becker is a healer, psychic, and teacher. Like many people, she may have been born with rare spiritual gifts, but discovering those abilities to reach other dimensions takes a life time of exploration. She deals with the “real” life challenges of relationships, job decisions, illness and all the rest that come with the human experience. Along the way, she senses there is much more to her than society would lead her to believe. Enclosure reveals the teachers she encountered, the many challenges experienced, and the ultimate surrender to Spirit to guide her life.

As a resident of Phoenix, she took advantage of the spiritual teachers around her. From Tai Chi to Reiki, she follows her path, growing in spiritual wisdom, while also facing personality flaws to correct. This is a story of spiritual courage. One of my favorite sections recalls her trip to Peru and all the mystical happenings in that legendary land. Ultimately, she takes her place as a healer of the unseen energies being activated on the planet. She is a Light Worker working out her life mission.

I enjoyed this book, taking my time with it. Writing a spiritual autobiography is not easy to organize or communicate. Barbara balances the highlights of her spiritual life with the earthly issues. As the saying goes, we are spirits having human experiences, and we all have to deal with the earth-bound human side of lives every day. Barbara Becker’s story offers encouragement for those seeking a spiritual path that goes beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.

By Sage on September 20, 2014

This one woman’s journey is unique to her, yet, a classic template of the journey of awakening. As such, it is informing as well as uplifting and inspiring. It will help others see more clearly their own journeys.

By Kindle Customer – on  July 30, 2014

This book is so well written. It is intense and engaging. The author brings more clarity to subjects that some writers leave in shadows, or don’t quite say what they mean. The author helped me understand some of my own experiences.

By EarthRain on December 8, 2013

I am a client of Barbara’s so i can i testify that she is the real deal, a great healer, angel card reader and a genuine kind human being. Her spiritual journey is uplifting, exciting and a great read.

By C. A. Cameron on October 24, 2013

Barbara Becker’s experiences of tuning into sprit, surrendering to intuition and living her highest. best gifts is in many ways a wonderful read. If you are like me and constantly sourcing spiritual memoirs and biographies — in my case, so I know “what I am going through someone else may have gone through and gotten to the other side of it! — do, by all means, place ENCLOSURE on your “Must Read” spiritual memoir list; Barbara is a lovely, gifted, giving and attuned light of Spirit. Now, that being said, I do wish she had had a (better) editor to assist with writing “bridges” rather than “leaps” from one life change or experience to another.

By Mary T on May 27, 2013

When I began Barbara Becker’s book, I was looking for motivation, encouragement, and hope. This book did not disappoint. Being on a spiritual journey myself over the past few years, I’d become discouraged and felt like a failure. Reading Barbara’s journey gave me hope again. She let me know that it is not an impossible journey and that I am on the right track. I am learning that motivation and trust can get me where I long to be and that miracles can happen if I open myself to the love that surrounds all of us, and to trust in that love. I’m still not sure where I’m going yet, but Barbara has shown me that, with God, Love, and Trust, nothing is impossible. I highly recommend Barbara’s journey to all who may be on their own Spiritual Path.

By Ann Albers on May 8, 2013

Barbara Becker’s book grabs you from the first chapter. An emergency room RN, she suffers through a near fatal accident, and thus begins a journey into the mystical realms. Over time she begins to discover her gifts of miraculous healing and the ability to communicate with angels and those on the other side. I have known Barbara for nearly two decades and watched her journey unfold. She is the real deal! I’m so thrilled to see her story documented in this wonderful autobiography. If you have ever had experiences that you can’t explain or don’t know what to do with, Barbara’s beautiful book will shed light on your own path. A must have for those interested in the process of spiritual awakening.

By Lina on April 7, 2013

I sometimes get books that come to me and I just have to read it. This was one of those books. Barbara was a critical care nurse working on patients in the ER when SHE became the patient from an automobile accident. From that “accident” she knew she was more than her physical body. Barbara went through a spiritual journey for many years that let her to become a healer . She knows the medical side of the physical body but she also knows that we can heal ourselves through other means by using our senses. If you are a skeptic about being ” awakened” or think that this is only for the gifted few, then think again and read this book!