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What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique SM (QHHT®) and who created it?

QHHT® is a modality created, developed and perfected by Dolores Cannon. Dolores was a past life regressionist, and hypnotherapist, who spent over 4 decades with thousands and thousands of clients in her QHHT sessions. She discovered through her technique, she could assist the client to the deepest trance level of hypnosis. QHHT® is a powerful tool used to access past lives/parallel lives, and that all knowing part of ourselves that has been called the Higher Self. It’s been called the Higher Self, Higher Consciousness, Oversoul, Super Consciousness, however, Dolores called it the Sub Conscious. We now refer to it as the SC. Also, at this deep level of hypnosis, there is the opportunity for the SC to answer questions and heal the client. Since the SC is the all knowing part of the client, it is the client who is healing him or herself.

Dolores considered herself the researcher, investigator, and reporter, of lost knowledge. This lost knowledge was given to her through the sessions and she shared it in her books, presentations (live and in video format), and interviews.

Her books can be found at Ozark Mountain Publishing’s website:

 About Barbara Becker, QHHT® Practitioner

Barbara received her first QHHT® session and experienced a miraculous healing of her thyroid. When she became certified as a QHHT® practitioner, she began witnessing healings and transformations during the client sessions. Barbara was trained by Dolores Cannon via the online course, and has a Level 2 certificate. She actively participates in the Quantum Healing Practitioner’s support forum where continuing education is provided daily. You can read session stories on her website blog.

 Barbara is accepting new QHHT® clients.

The possibilities are limitless…

  • Find out your life purpose, missions & contracts
  • YOU (your Higher Self) healing you
  • Finding out the root cause of your problems
  • Answers to unexplained experiences in your life, including ET contact
  • Information about your soul mate or twin flame 
  • Receive more healing and information every time you listen to your session recording
  • Removing low self esteem and unworthiness programs you’re running in your mind
  • Finding out where you are from
  • Removal of emotional attachments and entities
  • and more… 
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 Before Your Session:

You will need to create a list of 10-15 questions you’d like to ask your Higher Self. The questions can be about life purpose, health/medical concerns, relationship questions, career/job change, residential change, questions about the Universe, or what is occurring on or in our Earth planet. Questions about some event that occurred earlier in your life and you’re wondering what was that all about? Barbara will explore any concern or concept, including ET contact, traumatic experiences, and unexplained mystical experiences.

Write your questions on a piece of paper with a space between them. This is where Barbara will take notes. You don’t have to write the backstory of your questions, because we will discuss them during the interview. You can type them on your computer and print them out. You don’t have to send them to Barbara ahead of time, just have them with you for your session. We may add more questions to your list during the interview. 

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. You will be lying on a bed, in a quiet, cool room, with a light blanket during the session. Please take only medication or herbal supplements that you regularly consume. Refrain from taking mind altering substances. Please don’t start fasting or juicing prior to your session. We want you to be in your usual routine. Eat a good breakfast and if you consume coffee or tea at breakfast, that’s okay. During the interview we will be drinking water. We want you well hydrated prior to hypnosis. We will ensure that any restroom needs are taken care of before the hypnosis. Bladder incontinence is not a problem during this form of hypnosis.

Please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne, or burn incense the day of your session. However, it’s okay to wear deodorant and hair products.

If you never have been under hypnosis, don’t meditate or feel that you’ll have a difficult time being hypnotized, in the days before your QHHT session, do this: Spend 5 minutes a day laying on your bed. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Just observe the air going in your lungs and out of your lungs. Notice if there is any tension in your body. If so, imagine that the tension is melting away. You don’t have to set an alarm. You can choose to do this relaxation exercise in the morning, afternoon or evening. You can even mix it up: morning one day, afternoon the next. Allow this to occur to fit your schedule and the demands of the day. What you’re doing is training your body. The body remembers. By the time of your session, when you lay on the bed for your hypnosis, you’ll relax very nicely, easily and effortlessly. It works!

You can always call or email Barbara prior to your session for any questions or concerns.

Come to the session without expectations. Your Higher Self knows you the best and will take care of all the details. Barbara will help you understand what it feels like under deep hypnosis. 

The Interview:

We will spend a couple of hours or so, prior to the hypnosis, to ensure that Barbara has a full understanding of the intent of your questions prior to the hypnosis. Our goal is to have all of your questions answered in a single session. Upon hypnosis, your Higher Self is in charge and will ensure that you are shown all, and only, information which is helpful for your intent.

Barbara will show you your third eye is already open. You’ll feel confident going into hypnosis and feel loved and cared for. We want the best for you. The interview is confidential.

The Hypnosis:

During the hypnosis portion of your session, you will be shown an appropriate past life experience by your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows everything there is to know about you, the life you are living now, and all past lives. Your Higher Self will share only information that is appropriate at this time and is of benefit to you. It is caring and protective in the QHHT® session.

This is the part of the session where the Higher Self does the healing and helping you to understand the root cause of the health problem. You will be in a hypnotic state for approximately 90 minutes or so.Your Higher Self has the ability to identify any physical or emotional problems it detects and explain the causes, be they from your current or past life. The Higher Self is then asked if it is appropriate for healing to occur. If appropriate, healing is done instantaneously with no other processes. Very often, simply understanding why discomfort is being experienced is sufficient for it to be relieved and removed. Healing can only occur if you want to be healed and you do not interfere with your goals for this lifetime. Remarkable healing has occurred with QHHT®. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility. There are no limitations.

During the hypnosis, your and Barbara’s voice will be recorded on a digital audio recorder with two built-in microphones. Barbara will be asking your questions. 90% of the session is up to you in how you want to experience it. You’ll be describing the scenes and images, like watching a movie and going home to tell your friend what you saw. 

After the hypnosis session is complete, Barbara will count you up and out of hypnosis.

After the Hypnosis:

Immediately after exiting the hypnotic state, you will awake refreshed and energized. You may have a strong urge to go to the restroom; we will take time for your physical needs. It is important to eat and drink immediately after the session.  Food such as crackers/cheese/fruit, energy bars, sandwich, salad, smoothie, your favorite veggies, are examples for your to prepare. We will debrief on the answers and interpretations from the session. This may take 30-45 minutes.

You may not remember much of what was said. You will be given a downloadable recording of your hypnosis session via email, unless other arrangements are made prior to your session, such as CD version. Please listen to the whole recording, in privacy. No one else can hear your session recording until you have, for the first time. After listening fully, you are then free to share with whomever you choose.

Listening to the recording reinforces the healing which occurred and is ongoing. The Higher Self implants information on multiple levels which will be noticed and will have an awesome effect when you’re ready, as you continue your journey in life.

Refrain from planning on going out dancing, shopping or partying after your session. It is not unusual for Barbara’s clients to sleep 10-12 hours that night, after their session. People with insomnia welcome this much needed gift of sleep. Refrain from turning on your communication devices until Barbara is leaving. Sacred space is created in these QHHT sessions. It’s a special time for you. Great work is done by your Higher Self.

For about three days after your session, your auric fields are clean, shiny and bright, as well as expanded and magnetic. Your connection to your Higher Self is deepened and very close. Pay attention to your dreams and messaging you’ll receive to help you further on your journey.

Length of the session: Typical length of the entire session is 5-7 hours

When you’re ready, call Barbara or email her to schedule your QHHT session. Send or leave her your phone number and the best time to call you. She will call you at the earliest time possible.


Barbara is located in Phoenix, Arizona

and is accepting new clients

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