How To Fly With Your Angels

by Barbara


When we fly in an airplane our angels and guides are with us. Each of us has the ability to call in our angels to help us in our everyday activities. Our angels will respect our free will and not intervene without our permission. They love us and are always waiting and ready to help when we need it most.

It was eight years ago, Christmas Day, I arrived home to Phoenix from a spiritual journey in Peru that I had taken with five other women from the United States, Canada and Switzerland. I remember I asked for angelic protection for my safe journey and return. While sitting on the plane at the Sky Harbor gate, I asked my angels and guides if I will be safe on this journey.

I heard a voice, “Yes, Dear One, you are safe. You also have two protective angels with you specifically for this trip. They will be with you on each flight you take.” And that’s exactly what happened. The flight from Dallas, Texas to Lima Peru was smooth and uneventful in terms of air turbulence.

One of the features of the spiritual journey in Peru came as the opportunity to fly over the Nasca ley lines. I was guided to take an over-the-counter medication to prevent motion sickness on the plane. My friend Kathy was nervous about flying. Before boarding the small four-seater plane, I placed pink light around the aircraft. I shared with Kathy that my star being guides will protect us and our flight. I added our flying experience will be safe and smooth. And it was. My return fight to Phoenix on Christmas, was smooth too. I want to share with you some ideas to help the next flight you take, be smooth and joyful.

Tips to fly with your angels:

1. Center yourself and pray and ask your angels and guides for protection. Listen to the gentle words of comfort and guidance.

2. Ask Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael for protection during your travels.

3. Carry a reminder such as a small stone or amulet. Rose quartz is for manifesting love. Love is the greatest healer and the most powerful protector in the Universe.

4. Imagine pink light all around the aircraft enveloping everyone on board with love, compassion, and the feeling of serenity and calm.

5. Silently bless the plane, the flight attendants and the flight crew in the cockpit. Bless all passengers.

When we bless our air flights and ask for help, we are invoking the highest form of assistance. We elevate our consciousness to love and joy. All of us has the ability to ask for and receive assistance in our business and play. How do you fly with your angels?

Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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Martha Giffen

When I travel, I always know that God has already gone before me.  It really does help if I am the least bit apprehensive about a trip.  God watching over us and adding angels to the mix is a beautiful thought.  Thank you.


Angela Giles

I loved this article!



Wow, Barbara! I never thought of doing this. Thank you!
Shari recently posted..Celebrate National Women’s Health Week with us!My Profile



Awesome, thank you for the how to bless and ask. I am alsways calling on my angels and guides everyday, when i step into my car. I call on them before networking events as well.


Alexandra McAllister

Such a beautiful and uplifting post. I love it! Thanks for sharing, Barbara. I'll remember these tips next time I fly!


Tom Holmberg

Thanks for sharing your story and tips


Meryl Hershey Beck

It is always comforting calling on your Higher Power to guide and protect. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information Barbara.


Sharon O'Day

One thing I know for sure … we're never traveling alone!


Kathy Robinson

What a wonderful way to prepare for travel. We're planning a bucket list trip to England next year. I'll remember this when that time comes.


Daniele Holmberg

What a great story! I will think of this when I get on my plane for Ireland in less than 2 weeks.:)


Moira Hutchison

Excellent advice here Barbara!  Calling upon the Angels for help and guidance is so simple – we just need to be reminded sometimes!  Thanks for this lovely article.


Pat Moon

Protection from God through His grace and mercy are part of His Gift of Salvation.


Norma Doiron @Explode Your Business ONLINE!

The wings of the Almighty are mighty to save… Awesome! x0x


Catherine Doucette

Always good to have an extra angel or two on board 🙂


Lorii Abela


What an inspiring article! It would be great to know guidance is with you when you fly. Thanks for the tips.


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