How To Ride The Waves Of Energy In 2013

by Barbara

I’ve been hearing from several people about the intense energies coming into our reality. I also have been feeling it. When I lay down at night to sleep, I see the energy waves pulsating towards me. It feels like we are being cleansed of what no longer serves us as beings of light and love. There are several ways we can walk with grace and beauty through the energy shifts.

You may find your relationships with your loved ones are changing. This is because they could be walking a different path than you, and yet, we are all ascending and helping each other at the same time. We are not separate from one another. It’s important to allow others to be in their own space and time and loving them unconditionally.

Your emotions may be rising to the service, causing bouts of crying and perhaps frustration of not knowing what the heck is going on. There will be several times during this year where we are pushing out the old stuff and embracing the new way of living in the heart space. My recommendations of walking through these transformative times in this year are the following:

1. Allow yourself to purge the emotions. Tears are healing and I consider them a ceremony to God.

2. Breathe deeply and slowly when you find yourself out of sorts. Create your sacred space of serenity and empowerment.

3. Reconnect with nature if you are not taking walks outdoors, exercising, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor re-creating.

4. Sea salt or Epsom salt baths with aromatherapy such as lavender and eucalyptus help to open up your air passages and calm your spirits. This is very healing to you and your energy fields.

5. Meditate and center yourself to a place of tranquility and inner peace. You do more for the world when you are calm and connecting with your soul.

6. Ask Archangel Raphael to heal you during the night. Ask Archangel Michael to protect you as you sleep.

By nurturing yourself with rest, breath, detox and self love, you will empower yourself to walk in beauty with the grace of an angel. Others around you will feel your calmness and become more at peace. This occurs because we are all connected to one another. We are one. Be at peace, you are transforming in a lighter body. All is well. All is love. Enjoy the ride!


Blessings and joy!

Barbara Becker

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Alexandra McAllister

Such an inspiring post, Barbara, thank you for the tips. I enjoy my hot baths and walking with my 2 little dogs. It gives me energy and I feel relaxed as well. Love it! 🙂


Elizabeth Maness

Tear always make me feel better! Thanks for this guide!
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Lisa Frederiksen -

I am so here lately, "bouts of crying and perhaps frustration of not knowing what the heck is going on." I use many of your suggestions, myself, but it's always wonderful to read them from someone else and how they express them – I "hear" something differently in a way I really needed to hear now.  Thank you, Barbara!



Hi Lisa,
I hear you. We are all changing into our light bodies and it can feel frustrating and perplexing at times. This is all a natural process as we ascend with Mother Earth. We will all be okay. More technologies are coming in for us to use. We all must continue to be focused on love, compassion, forgiveness and harmony. Thank you for sharing your perspective. God bless you!


Meryl Hershey Beck

Barbara thank you for the wonderful tips on how to ride the wave of change that is upon us, in a healthy and positive manner.


Tom Holmberg

Thanks for sharing your insights. We have to dig deep and ride our own energies


Catherine Doucette

Epsom salt bath with lavender have been an important part of my grounding and ability to sleep this year. 



Thank you Catherine, for sharing the gifts that work for you. It is wonderful when we honor our bodies and souls in a nurturing manner, as in the way you do.


Martha Giffen

What a wonderful post.  It was interesting.  As I read, I felt myself centering down as I took the time to breathe, allow myself to release and then thought about using the lavender and also calling on the Angels.  Thank you for that. Blessings to you 🙂



It is so important to take care of yourself, that will allow you to lift others.


Helena Bowers

Thank you for the wonderful tips Barbara! I've just recently started learning more about aromatherapy and love how the natural oils make me feel so much more calm and peaceful.


Moira Hutchison

Excellent tips here Barbara – thanks for sharing!  I agree that it's really important to pay attention to our spiritual/emotional needs during these times of shifting energy.  I've recently changed up some of the practices and routines that I do as I felt the need to support something different shifting through.


Daniele Holmberg

I love the 6 ways you discuss of how to deal with emotions and to get more in touch with yourself.  Great post, thank you! Your posts always relax me in my hectic day! 



Excellent tips and strategies here. I went through waves of emotional unbalance in 2012 and things are settleing now. I had to make a lot of adjustments though.


Leslie Yerger

Thanks Barbara.  Great stuff, and I especially love the statement about crying being a ceremony of God.  Maybe if we all looked at it that way, we wouldn't be so afraid to do it more often, and we would not feel like we need to hide it from everyone!   



I'm becoming quite interested in qi gong. Maybe this weekend will be the right time to dig into the book on it that's waiting for me. Thanks for sharing these ideas, Barbara.


Norma Doiron @Explode Your Business ONLINE!

"Tears are healing and I consider them a ceremony to God." I love that! Did you know there actually is a verse in the Bible that talks about God having a special bottle for each of us where he stores all of our tears?  Yup!  They are not wasted at all, they are precious to his heart. He feels our pain… great post. x0x



Thank you for your kind words. I did not know there is a verse in the Bible about the special bottle. I am reading a book that is a deep interpretation of the Torah, the Bible and Kriya Yoga and how all religions are united. Jesus told me he did Kriya Yoga when he was in human form. It wasn’t called Kriya Yoga back then. When my clients started coming to me for healing, they would start to cry as I opened the door. It was at that moment I realized tears are a ceremony to God. When people come into my presence, they heal automatically. I have no control over how God heals a person.


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