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Star Energy Healing

November 18, 2018

1 pm Arizona Time

Amplifying Your Gratitude 

This month the White One will be transmitting the star codes to enhance your feeling of gratitude for All That Is. The pineal gland is also stimulated to assist you in seeing the beauty all around you. Colors are more vibrant and rich. The heart consciousness is stimulated creating and generating more love in depth and reach. Preparing you for your 5th Dimensional expression where you live in prosperity and love. 

$22 for Star Energy Healing Group Tele-Conference

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Star Energy Healing Group Tele-Conference Format


We will meet on the teleconference. This is a good time to say hello to one another. A brief introduction of the group and it’s evolution will be given. Barbara will guide everyone to a meditative state of relaxation and receiving the healing energies and communications. The mathematical language will be channeled by Barbara. White One (a collection of beings from the Great Central Sun) will be trance channeled by Barbara. All participants on the teleconference will be given an opportunity to share their experience and ask questions to White One and the answers will be given. It’s not mandatory that experiences are shared nor have a question to ask.

The session will be recorded and a link to the recording will be sent to all participants and those who paid for the session, but could not attend. You will be able to download the recording to your computer and listen to it as many times as you like. Every time you listen to the mathematical language, you receive more healing.

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Blessings and Love to all of you!

Barbara Becker

Green_Arrow_RightTo help you understand how long distance healing occurs through our communications devices, here are articles I wrote and are located on my website blog:

By phone

By E-mail

By Computer technology

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 Daylight Savings Time in the USA ends Sunday, November 4, 2018

Arizona is 1 hour ahead of Pacific Time, 4 hours ahead of Hawaii Time, 1 hours behind Central Time, and 2 hours behind Eastern Time.

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3:00 pm EDT

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9:00 am Hawaiian Time

1:00 pm Arizona Time

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