angel readings

I decided to share this true story because it could benefit people who are struggling with patience. In today’s modern society, through the media programming and shared community consciousness, the instant gratification response can cause us to be impatient when manifestation of what we desire doesn’t occur right away. It is also possible the younger […]Continue reading «The Sewing Machine lesson in patience»

Are you moving?

by Barbara

Every since we were born, we’ve been in movement. Out of the mother’s womb, we are moving our lungs, screaming with our first breath, kicking our legs and shaking our arms. We were born to move, not stagnate. For most, we were moved to our mother’s bosom and loved. I understand not everyone had a […]Continue reading «Are you moving?»

Angel Tarot Cards

  You are invited to sit down with me as we take the terror out of the tarot. Brief History It is felt that tarot dates back to the 15th century, in Europe, probably coming from Egypt. Before this, people received information from oracles, and stones or sticks thrown on the ground or table. Various […]Continue reading «Angel Tarot Card Readings: Taking the terror out of the tarot»

  This week the angels spoke of abundance, our spiritual being and how we create our lessons to learn our Divine state of being, we are spirits having a human experience. Although we think we know what direction we are heading and we have our plans all laid out, our life can change. Two months […]Continue reading «There Is A Divine Plan Behind Your Abundance»

Where do we find the answers to our questions about health, relationships and life purpose? An angel/tarot card reading is one place. Angel/tarot card readings can be very informative in giving guidance to the “how to” and “why” part of our questions. There is another place, and it’s always with us. When we relax and […]Continue reading «The Best Place To Find Our Answers: Inside»