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  I asked Lance Heard if he would be willing to be interviewed for an article about his shamanic healing services. I appreciate Lance’s openness to answer questions about what a shaman is, and how a shamanic healer can be beneficial for people in today’s Western society. Barbara: What is a shaman? Lance: A shaman […]Continue reading «Interview with Shaman Healer Lance Heard»

Norman soldier helmet

While waiting for my carry-on luggage to arrive on the United Airline Express jetway, in the Denver, Colorado International airport, another passenger and I struck up a conversation about the work I do as a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique SM (QHHT®) practitioner. I had just attended the Level 3 training for QHHT practitioners in Eureka […]Continue reading «QHHT® Travel Story: A Possible Past Life at the Battle of Hastings»

When I look at the sumac tree with it’s leaves and stems falling, I’m reminded of my life for the past year and how it’s time to really shed all that has transpired and keep the wisdom born from the lessons learned. The old programs and conditioning that have been revealed over the years, are […]Continue reading «It’s Time To Leave 2013 And The Old Programs Behind»

In November of 2001, I received my second degree Reiki attunement. On Friday evening, just before the weekend course, my black cat, Shady Lady, became ill. Her sneezes contained blood. Her vet told me on the phone to bring Shady Lady into the office on Monday morning. My husband was home while I attended the […]Continue reading «Translation: The Process Of Crossing Over To The Other Side With Our Physical Bodies»

Speaking My Truth

by Barbara

As I became awakened in my spirituality and discovered we are more than what we see here in the third dimension, I became scared. The fear was about speaking my truth. And truth for me was about what was really going on here. Not the programs about working ourselves to death, pumping our bodies full […]Continue reading «Speaking My Truth»