healing gift

Restoring your joy

by Barbara

There can be times in our lives when we lose the joy of life. The loss can be experienced for a day or for years. Some people never regain their joy. They leave this earthly existence wrapped in their depression. The dissolving of joy can occur from a separation from a loved one through disease […]Continue reading «Restoring your joy»

New do

When I was in the hospital recovering from the bone-breaking trauma of an automobile collision in 1986, the aches and pain diminished my ability to feel good. One of my critical care-nursing students came to the hospital to visit me. She knew me as a nurse instructor, not as a hospital patient. She was shocked […]Continue reading «Laughter is still the best medicine»

  Back in 2003, before my shamanic opening ceremony, where my healing gift was revealed, I performed my own shamanic meditations. I didn’t know what issue I would be working on, until my guide had me jump into the Grand Canyon. Shamanic meditations feel very “real”. These types of meditations help a person to remove […]Continue reading «Shamanic Meditations: A Method for Finding Divine Love In Our Experiences»