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Swiss Alps photo by Peter Nufer In this week’s article we are looking at fear, on the Level of Consciousness scale that David R. Hawkin’s book, Power vs. Force, describes as the vibratory rate of our energy fields. The rate is considered to be at 100, on a scale of 0 to 700. We are […]Continue reading «Do You Want to Get Rid of Your Fears?»

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As we explore our way up the spectrum of consciousness, from David R. Hawkin’s, Power vs. Force book, I will talk about grief in this article. Previously, I wrote about the grief we feel over the loss of a beloved pet. Grief can apply to not only when our pet dies, but also when they […]Continue reading «Grief and its role in our life»

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According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, apathy is defined as a lack of interest or concern, a lack of feeling or emotion. On the level of consciousness scale, people who are apathetic, vibrate at 50, according to David R. Hawkins. The emotion is despair and the view of life is one of hopelessness. People who are feeling […]Continue reading «Does Anybody Care About Apathy?»

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On the David R. Hawkin’s scale of consciousness vibration in his book, Power versus Force, guilt is at 30, just above shame. Guilt has purpose in our lives, as it serves to help us modify our behavior towards good or what is best for us. In this circumstance, guilt helps us to be better people. For instance, […]Continue reading «Guilt and its purpose in our life»

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On our journey in life, we are meant to experience shame and then to transcend it. Some of us make it in this lifetime and others carry it to their grave and then onto the next life. There is shame so toxic, such as the behaviors inflicted upon children in the form of abuse, incest, […]Continue reading «Shame & Humiliation In the Human Experience: Part II»