Self Love

by Barbara

yellow cholla flower

Loving ourselves unconditionally, we no longer see our flaws as something detractive, rather, they are a confirmation that this is who we are. We speak our truth. We stand up for ourselves, not worrying about the consequences. Utter surrender to what is and shall be. In meditation we ask ourselves, can we trust that all […]Continue reading «Self Love»

Roses 3

  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is the modality of past life regression and self healing that the world renown and well respected Dolores Cannon, discovered, developed and perfected to give clients the quickest and easiest manner of deep trance level hypnosis. She and her daughter, Julia Cannon, taught others how to facilitate these powerful and […]Continue reading «QHHT: A Past Life Scene While Talking With The Higher Self»


I love this time of the year to reflect what has occurred in 2015 and what I want to create in the next year. To do this I look at this blog article I wrote: A New You For The New Year, and notice the similarities and differences, what changed and what stayed the same. […]Continue reading «2016 New Life Year, 2015 Past Life Year»

Quan Yin close up

Do you want to have a mystical spiritual experience? Have you had life changing altered state of consciousness experiences, and wonder why they don’t happen all the time? It could be and may very well be, because we are already spiritual beings. We’ve been asked to come here to planet Earth to perform work, learn […]Continue reading «Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience»

The old west

Even if a client can’t “see” with their third eye, in a QHHT past-life regression, their other senses are enhanced to where they can feel, hear and know the information they are seeking. Images are conveyed in vivid detail just like watching a movie. The following session story is a good example of this. Look […]Continue reading «QHHT client uses their extra senses to gather information in a past life, in the Old Wild West»