[This article is the beginning of a series of articles exploring how our spiritual path, the pursuit of Self-Realization, extraterrestrial intelligence, Mother Earth’s ascension, and the global changes of creating Heaven on Earth are interwoven. I will share with you how each of us is on the right track in creating a better world for […]Continue reading «A School Called Planet Earth: The Roles We Play»


Enlightenment is the highest level of human consciousness. The vibratory rate is 700 to 1000, according to David R. Hawkins in his book, Power vs. Force. The emotion is ineffable. This means it cannot be expressed. If I were to write the perfect article about enlightenment, it would be a blank piece of paper. The […]Continue reading «Attaining Enlightenment»

Finding Inner Peace

by Barbara

Peace copy

On the scale of the levels of consciousness by David R. Hawkins, in his book, Power vs. Force, the level of peace is where a person experiences the emotion of bliss and the view of life is one of perfection. People who are experiencing this level are vibrating at the frequency of 600, on scale […]Continue reading «Finding Inner Peace»

The Feeling of Joy

by Barbara

Joy copy

  According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, joy is a feeling of great happiness. Remember a time when you experienced great happiness. In that moment, how did the world look to you? Did you notice that the petty things in life really didn’t seem like the mountain of struggle that it did before? Did you feel […]Continue reading «The Feeling of Joy»

Love, love, love

by Barbara


My favorite subject, my favorite healing form, my favorite word, my favorite feeling; Love. On the levels of consciousness scale by David R. Hawkins, in his book, Power vs. Force, the level of Love is when we are vibrating at 500. What is love? Love is many things and concepts, depending on who is speaking […]Continue reading «Love, love, love»